“Backed by soulful textures and mellow drum grooves, the crew delivers a blend of solid bravado-laden raps in English and French, peppered by soothing melodic runs from singers Earth and Tiece.”  Earmilk 08.03.22 “The track is the second installment of the collective posse cut music series and it is a solid blend of soulful vibes, bravado lyrics andContinue reading “NTKCTZ.02”

Soldat by Fro. x JWYE

“The message is delivered through the kind of flowing, apathetic vocals that French hip hop is known for, accompanied by a track that combines percussion with twinkling keys.” Yorkcalling 12.12.21 PRODUCED BY JWYE WHO IS INSPIRED BY THE FUTURISTIC SOUNDS OF SOULECTION. HE FUSES THE SOULFUL QUALITIES OF RNB WITH THE AGGRESSION OF HIP HOP/TRAPContinue reading “Soldat by Fro. x JWYE”

October Rain by E ^ R T H

“A mixture of fiery crackling and fiery swings, it creates balances with heady reverses that will not leave you. You are here in a quality musical parenthesis, a rare moment of music that we strongly recommend.” Iggy Magazine 04.11.21 “The visual is as enticing as the song and makes use of warm, sensual lighting that captures EContinue reading “October Rain by E ^ R T H”