Quartier Libre : L I N E S – SPECIAL

WE ARE BACK ! FINALLY | WED 26.5.21 | 7PM – 10 PM | La Costa Del Tottenham After almost a year we are pleased to announce our first gig of the season at La Costa Del Tottenham N17 9LZ ! ‘A sonically diverse evening of Jazzy/Hip Hoppy sounds, guaranteed goodvibes, dancing and the breezeContinue reading “Quartier Libre : L I N E S – SPECIAL”

Lines LP by Noutéka Collective

Noutéka is very excited to presentLINES. An ambitiousalbum compilationbringing together 15 artistsfrom all over London. The project embodies thecity of London, who’s imageis manifested through thelines of the undergroundand soundscapes fromwhich our music is inspired. Their masterful control of their flow and delicately placed rhymes welcome you to their city. Central Sauce 16.01.21