Priotarizing his visions before formats you’ll easily recognise his music productions heavily inspired by 90’s movie scores, 2000’s warp records productions and the Soulquarians movement.

If Eric Serra [5th element scorer] and Jdilla had collab it would probably sound like Fro.’s music.

Fro. is a Music Producer / Rapper based in North London.

Fro. is the founder of Noutéka, music producer, rapper and more recently videographer, he’s constantly approaching any of these disciplines with the same idea of freedom.

As rapper his influences resides in north Paris where he lived for years before landind in Tottenham.

Very respectful of traditional lyricists from this era and the idea of HipHop as subersive culture there’s no point for him to drop bars without nesting inspiring concepts inside it.

From his first experience as an executive producer for the Men&Mice EP from SamPro he discovered a passion and strong skills for this part of the process and never stopped doing it for the projects of the colelctive, Casey Pearl, LINES LP and now E ^ R T H and HopeSigh.

Latest Releases

Soldat by Fro. x JWYE

“The message is delivered through the kind of flowing, apathetic vocals that French hip hop is known for, accompanied by a track that combines percussion with twinkling keys.” Yorkcalling 12.12.21 PRODUCED BY JWYE WHO IS INSPIRED BY THE FUTURISTIC SOUNDS OF SOULECTION. HE FUSES THE SOULFUL QUALITIES OF RNB WITH THE AGGRESSION OF HIP HOP/TRAP…

ROUTE 420 by Fro.

Chill Out Instrumental Production from Fro. to celebrate 420. Artwork by Sampro